To evaluate your safety programs and practices

At HSE Integro, we believe in nurturing a strong safety culture and we put our continuous efforts to provide our clients with a safe working environment. We carry out work place health and safety audit, electrical and mechanical safety audit, fire audit, environmental and risk management consultancy services for commercial buildings, manufacturing units, small, medium and large industrial plants and office premises. Expert Safety Auditors of HSE Integro carry out audits as per ‘The Code of Practice’ on Occupational Safety & Health ‘Indian Standard – 14489:1998, OSHAS: 18000, EMS: 14000& NBC 2005 and other national and international standard applicable for particular industry.Our Audit Consultants have extensive experience and technical expertise that is highly valued across the industries.


Workplace &
Safety Audit

Risk assessment of a workplace auditensures that periodic risk assessments are completed, taking account of all activities or areas related to the workplace. The risk assessment involves those who are responsible for and/or most likely to beaffected by the hazard.


Fire &
Safety Audit

The Fire and Safety Audit is an examination of the premises and relevant documents to ascertain how the premises are being managed regarding fire safety. The inspector may also wish to talk to members of staff to confirm their level of fire safety awareness.


An electrical audit is an audit or calculation of how much electricity is being used at home, workplace or in industries. An electricity audit can help identify waste so that the problems related to high consumption can be resolved.


Safety Audit

It provides detailed information on the condition of hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and mechanical components. Once the audit is complete, it makes a baseline condition report, along with certain recommendations to improve reliability.



For in-depth review of workplace safety operations

AMC of Fire Fighting Equipment

Proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise and cross-media growth strategies

Mock Drills for Corporates, Hospitals, Shopping Malls

In an emergency situation, all employees should know the right protocol to leave the premises in and for this repeated practice is desirable.

Development of HSE Management System

HSE Integro is committed to conducting its business in a manner that protects the Health and Safety of its employees, contractors, clients and is environmentally responsible.

Safety Animated Videos

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AMC of Fire Fighting Equipment

We offer perfect and consistent operations. We undertake AMC of Fire Fighting Equipment for each product. We maintain an AMC of Fire Fighting Systems with the clients to upgrade fire safety equipment and systems installed in clients’ premises and replace the flawed ones
in order to extend the life of the equipment installed at the customers’ end. Through this maintenance service, we can maintain the smooth & error free functionality of the systems.
Some of the objectives of AMC are as follows:
- Reduced risks of failure of equipment when the need arises - saving clients investments and business.
- Extended life from clients’ equipment due to preventive maintenance visits.
- Compliance with local fire office and insurance company requirements.
- Affordable price.
We also provide Fire Protection ConsultantServices.